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  Step 1: Company and contact
Provide your company and contact person information.

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  *Step 2: Provide instructions for your banner ad
Do you have your own banner ad? If so, select option 1 and e-mail your ad. If you would like us to design an ad for you, supply all the information in option 2.

  1.  I will e-mail my own banner ad to Accepted image formats: gif, jpeg, animated gif (image size 468 x 60 pixels, maximum file size 25KB). All ads must be approved by


2. I would like to design my banner ad. Free for a limited time (static only) - A $49 value.


Provide information that you would like included in the ad in the text box below. To assure your satisfaction with our design, it is important that you provide as much information as possible about how you expect your ad to appear (including color scheme, graphics, and information). Space is limited so you should be brief with what actually appears in the ad. You will be given the opportunity to review and approve the ad before it appears. See sample ads.  (leave blank if you are providing your own banner ad)

I will e-mail my company logo to 
I will mail my logo to, 22 East Willow St., Millburn, NJ, 07041
Do not use a logo in my ad


  *Step 3: Link information
You must tell us whether you want your banner ad linked to another web site. When a visitor clicks on your banner ad, they will be transported to that site. Alternatively, when they click on your ad a form can appear. When they complete the form, it will be automatically e-mailed to an address you supply.


When a visitor clicks on my banner ad, I want the to be transported to:

Enter web site address

When a visitor clicks on my ad, I want a form completed and mailed to:

Enter e-mail address


  Step 4: Additional comments, instructions or questions


  *Step 5: Accept Terms
You must read and accept the advertising terms


As an advertiser on I understand that my ad may be one of several ads appearing on the site and that I do not have any type of exclusivity whatsoever. I understand that my advertisement will rotate with all other advertisements on most pages within the site. Advertisements will not rotate in any specific order but rather will randomly rotate. I understand that because ads randomly rotate, some site visitors will see my ad more often than others. Neither nor Tim Wyman make any representations or guarantees regarding how often my ad will appear in the random rotation but no ad will intentionally be given an unfair advantage. I understand that once my ad is posted on the site no refunds are possible, however, my ad can be removed at my request. Neither nor Tim Wyman make any representations or warrantees regarding the effectiveness of advertising on but do believe that such advertising may be very helpful in recruiting new sales personnel. reserves the right to reject any advertisement for any reason whatsoever or remove ads for any reason whatsoever with a prorated refund.


I accept the terms above
I do not accept the terms above



  *Step 6: Payment and term
Indicate how long you would like your ad to appear. You will be notified approximately 30 days prior to expiration of term and given the option to renew.


I would like my ad to appear for six months      $129
I would like my ad to appear for one year         $179

For your order to be processed and your ad to appear, you must mail your payment to, 22 East Willow St., Millburn, NJ 07041


Your check must be made payable to: Tim Wyman


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