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This site was created as a source of additional study aids for New Jersey real estate license candidates preparing to take their school and state examination. It is available to all candidates regardless of the licensing school attended. The site includes practice test questions, terminology reviews, study notes, flash cards and more to help you prepare for your examination. Although very helpful, the information found on this site should not be used to replace traditional forms of studying using your course text book. All information contained here is believed to be accurate, however, no warranties are made regarding its accuracy or ability to prepare you for a real estate examination. Nothing in this site should be regarded as legal or professional advice. In legal or tax matters please consult a qualified professional. If you are not yet enrolled in a licensing course and you need to take the complete 75 hour licensing course, visit The Professional School of Business Web Site to obtain a complete course schedule.


We also recommend using before taking your test. The practice exams on this site have proven to help thousands of New Jersey Real Estate license candidates.


Keep studying, good luck with your real estate test and please let us know what you think of this web site.















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